Case Study – Commhoist install new 5G Streetworks pole

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Scope of Works

Commhoist were tasked with the collection and delivery of a new 5G streetworks pole. The pole was 20m in length and therefore required lorry loader transport and a meticulously planned schedule to ensure a successful installation at its final destination.

Physical Survey 

To ensure a safe lifting operation a physical site survey was completed. The survey ascertained all the elements required to complete the job safely including a partial road closure with two-way traffic light system. This ensured compliance with the new roads & street works code of practice.

The survey allowed team Commhoist to determine the correct transport for safe completion to the location. Due to the overall length of the pole the transport required an abnormal load notification.

The Process

Our process started with the initial client instruction to survey the site. Following the survey, the Commhoist technical team then designed the TM/PM plan with a CAD drawing detailing the position of the lifting equipment.

The project date was then planned in for a specific date following council permissions and Eton notice are approved. Commhoist then assigned a project lead who acted as client liaison and ensured coordination of the project across all teams.

On the project date the Commhoist Appointed Person coordinated all site activities, making sure that the site followed the plan for arrivals.

The Impact

When the pole first arrived the engineers onsite were tasked with adding additional 5G antennas and testing the pole. The additional spine and antennas were fitted to the pole, which was then lifted into position.

The lifting of the street works pole from start to finish took around 30 to 45 minutes, however the essential preparation and rigging took much longer.

In Conclusion

We were consulted by the manufacturer on the lifting procedures required during the streetworks pole design. Designing a lifting solution and completing trial lifts for the manufacturers clients to help provide an insight into what takes place when a streetworks pole is loaded, leaves the manufacturer, arrives onsite and is finally lifted into position.