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11 Nov

How advances in communication affect the workplace

In the not so distant past, workplace communications involved formal letters, landline phone calls and conversations in the boss’s office….

10 Oct

The ITP Awards – A night of celebration for the telecoms industry

This month saw the telecoms industry come together to celebrate the brilliant individuals working within our industry. The ITP awards,…

10 Oct

Commhoist to celebrate outstanding contribution at the ITP Awards

The ITP Annual Awards Dinner brings together the very best of the telecoms industry to celebrate their successes throughout the…

09 Sep

3 Months of 5G in the UK

It has been 3 months since the initial roll out of Fifth Generation network (5G). 5G provides internet that is…

08 Aug

Planning, always is and always will be the magic word

Timely and active planning is a mantra that we live by at Commhoist. Although we’re sure you’re aware of the…

08 Aug

Redtrail receives a facelift

Redtrail, a part of The Commhoist Group, provides innovative and flexible last mile and last metre delivery solutions to the…

08 Aug

Commhoist achieve Safe Contractor Status

We’re delighted to announce that as of the 15th July 2019, Commhoist have been accredited with the Safe Contractor Scheme!…

08 Aug

Are we losing the ability to communicate by communicating too much?

‘Technology can be our best friend and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts…

07 Jul

Why our cities are getting smarter

What is a smart city and why are people talking about it? Firstly, let’s start with some statistics. By 2050,…

07 Jul

Discussing the future of telecoms infrastructure

Wednesday the 10th July saw the Commhoist team attend the Westminster eForum Policy Conference on the next steps for telecoms…