Grab a brew and let’s celebrate!

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Britain is known for it’s love of the humble brew, and with over 1million cups of tea drunk every day, tea really is a national treasure. Talking of national treasures, it’s the NHS’ s birthday this week and what better way to celebrate than with fellow national treasure, the cuppa!

On Tuesday 5th July we’ll be joining the nation and hosting a Big Tea party to celebrate the 74th birthday of the NHS.

Last year, the NHS Big Tea raised funds to support over six hundred projects across the UK. This year the charity is aiming to make an even bigger difference by supporting 1.5million NHS staff and volunteers. Every cuppa makes a difference!

Commhoist Key Account Manager and Chief Big Tea Organiser Hannah Nelson said “We all have needed or know someone who has needed the care and support of the NHS. Both myself and my family have a lot to thank the NHS for. Their work and dedication are invaluable.

As they celebrate 74 years of work we wanted to join in with ‘The Big Tea’ to give a little something back.”

In addition to the funds raised from ‘The Big Tea’ Commhoist have also contributed £256 towards the charity Three Wishes which works to help support NHS staff and patients.

Find out more about ‘The Big Tea’ and join us in celebrating the NHS’s birthday.