Love Island, Reality TV and the importance of instant access

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You may be wondering why we, as a telecoms logistics company, are discussing Love Island and reality TV. Well bear with us, we do have a legitimate and very industry specific reason.

The attraction of Love Island

Love Island 2019 is a week old and it seems to be the word on everyone’s lips, well if you’re 16-24years old that is. The annual Summer reality show hooks in on average 3 million viewers per night, but it is about much more than just viewing a one hourly programme for the companies looking to leverage this captive audience.

Capitalising on a captive audience

The show is a well-oiled machine when it comes to advertising, with fast fashion brands leading the way with their Love Island endorsements and share of the shows three advert breaks per hour. The show openly promotes a quick fashion fix with viewers able to buy slogan t-shirts emblazoned with the latest sayings, such as ‘It is what it is’ and ‘She’s fire’, or seeing an outfit one of the contestants is wearing and then purchasing the same outfit either during the show or immediately after. The key to the success of the retail opportunity Love Island and other reality TV shows present is a fast, instant network connection.

The shows advert breaks are packed with major brands – including McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, but Love Island has also been seen as an attractive proposition for new entrants to TV advertising.

Boost energy drinks and Rekorderlig cider are on board, as well as fashion and beauty brands Pretty Little Things, Boohoo, British Style Collective, Swimwear 365 and I Saw It First.

Seamless link with instant access

A look at the Love Island Outfits Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers and counting, shows that many of the clothes worn on the show come from these same fashion retailers. Whilst real-time spikes in viewers looking for outfits worn by contestants during the show, as well as searches for holidays on the Spanish island of Majorca, where the show is filmed have been noted.

Retailers are relying on their captive audience, who are searching for these products, having instant access. If the connection is weak or the buying process is slowed down the chance of potential purchase drop out is increased. After all these aren’t investment purchases, they are fast fashion fixes promoted by a programme that only airs for eight weeks every year.

Instant access is increasingly popular for every generation, not just 16-24year olds. People expect things here and now, whether that be a shopping experience, a restaurant booking or an email from a company they are engaging with. So ultimately the demand from consumers on network providers to deliver quicker access wherever they are browsing is only going to grow.

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