Planning, always is and always will be the magic word

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Timely and active planning is a mantra that we live by at Commhoist. Although we’re sure you’re aware of the importance of planning for complex projects, let’s discuss why it is so integral to not only the mobile telecoms network sector, but to every aspect of life.

Okay, let’s move away from the mobile telecoms industry for a moment. As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Planning is essential to our lives; some people will prepare more than others, but no one can avoid it altogether.

You wouldn’t move to a new house without planning how your items will be packed, when the house will be given a deep clean, or who will be helping you to move. So why would you work with a provider who skirts round the planning process and simply puts a tick in the box?

So why do we plan? It may seem an obvious question but let’s explore some of the reasons why we at Commhoist like to plan as far in advance as possible.

Meeting our outcomes

Planning ensures our outcomes are delivered efficiently and effectively, we know the importance of meeting deadlines so we plan to pinpoint where we should be at and how close we are to meeting our targeted schedule. Because we plan, teamwork flourishes – everyone knows their responsibilities and what they need to do to complete assigned tasks.

Managing expectations is the key to success

When planning a project, managing the expectations of all parties is essential. Setting the stall early allows all parties to plan their own individual elements and manage internal expectations from their senior teams and clients.

Communication with clients

Although communication with all interested parties is essential, clients in particular need to be kept in correspondence. If projects are planned accurately, communication timelines and key milestones can be implemented so that every party adheres to them; ensuring the project is more likely to run smoothly.

Partner providers

Our projects can often require the engagement of third parties such as local Councils, transport providers and the police just to name a few. The location of a job has a big impact on the number of partner providers included in the project. Engaging and communicating with these bodies needs planning – we can’t just turn up to a project expecting their cooperation, they need to know in advance, so planning is essential.

Managing risk and uncertainty

Planning encourages developing potential scenarios and barriers that may slow the progress of the project, this means we have contingency plans to deal with these issues before they even happen, limiting any negative effects and allowing us to deliver right first time.

Safety Implications

At Commhoist, health and safety is paramount and we make it a priority. In our planning process we assign an Appointed Person to every project we undertake to ensure maximum safety and flexibility as the Appointed Person can adapt to any situation, making decisions about the jobs progress quickly and effectively.

Fleet and Operatives

In any given month, we can manage more than 500 mobile telecoms sites. This means we have to be vigilant and prepared. We use Track Online to monitor our fleet, allowing higher support and control for our day-to-day planning so we can adapt to the situation; if anything deviates from schedule, we can alert our clients.

It also allows us to allocate our resources as when we plan, we make decisions. This maximises efficiency and reduces both our costs and our waste, allowing us to provide a better service.

Organisation of every element of the process

The organisation of projects can only be completed when the planning process is thorough and effective. If you manage to organise a project without planning, then you’re extremely fortunate – project success is practically impossible without some form of planning.

Creating our competitive advantage

In the fast-moving world of telecommunications, the situation at hand can change rapidly and we need to be able to adapt and respond quickly to changing market conditions. To do this, we prepare for the future. At Commhoist we plan ahead to get ahead.

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