The Connect – Smartphones, a generational shift

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Statistics show that 94% of the adult UK population owns a mobile phone, which is staggering when you consider 2.4% or 1,574,400 of a 65.6 million population is over 85 years of age.

If someone had of said to you twenty years ago that you wouldn’t have a landline phone at home and you probably won’t have a computer either you might think that they were mad. However, this is the reality, where smartphones do everything most consumers need from a phone, camera and a connected device. So, this begs the question, what will be the next revolution to hit smartphones?

Wireless charging – We’ve all been there – complaining about the battery life on our mobile. Manufacturers have made efforts to enhance the battery life with each new model; however, they also speed up processors which drains more energy.

Smartphone manufacturers are experimenting with various possible solutions like nano-batteries, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells and even kinetic energy.

Augmented Reality – Future technology of smartphones could take augmented reality (AR) mainstream in industries the retail, healthcare and tech support.

The next step is not only smartphones altering and capturing images it will be projecting them in the real world. Holographic displays and some digital projectors are already in development. However, it is likely to take a few more years for this technology to be available for the mainstream market.

Flexible and durable – we’re likely to see the problem of smashed screens vanish over the next couple or years, with the possibility that you will even be able to fold your phone and put it in your pocket. Manufacturers are making strides forward in glass technology to avoid breaking pixels in foldable screens.