The Connect – The Reality of 5G

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If there was ever a buzz word in our industry, 5G is currently taking a starring role. Consumers are lapping up the technological strides that 5G can provide, purchasing 5G enabled phones when the service isn’t yet available in their area. 5G isn’t expected to hit the mainstream and take off until 2021 but are we ready for the pressure’s consumers will put on service providers for faster and faster mobile speeds.

5G is a hugely complicated roll-out with huge swathes of investment needed to convert current 4G enabled networks to handle 5G. Multiple organisations must collaborate to ensure that the UK doesn’t fall way behind its global counterparts when it comes to 5G connectivity.

South Korea is currently the global leader, with China not far behind in the race to provide 5G connectivity to its population. The global take off is expected to take place in 2021, so are we ready?