Top tips for homeworking to help you create calm

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As populations around the world come to terms with the new normal of working from home, we wanted to discuss some top tips to help you settle into your new routine.

Whilst homeworking for some has been the norm for a while, for others it is something completely new. The thought of not interacting with your colleagues on a daily basis can be an extremely daunting prospect. To help we’ve pulled together some of the best top tips to help you and your teams adapt to the changing surroundings.

You should try and stick to a schedule.

Maintaining regular working hours is really important. Always try and get up at the same time as you would for work, get showered and dressed and start your working day on time. This will help to not only adjust your mindset for work, but also get you looking respectable for any video calls you may have.

Set your rules and boundaries.

Setting ground rules for the people in your space is essential, whether that be a partner or your children. If your partner is also working from home, define your own spaces and treat each other’s work space with respect. Why not set a time to have lunch together to make sure you have some contact throughout the day?

Don’t forget your breaks

Scheduling breaks when working from home is really important. You may feel like you have to prove you’re working, but productivity is likely to slump if you don’t take breaks. Go and make a coffee or nip out into the back garden for five minutes fresh air. It is important to have time away from your screen, as you would when chatting to your colleagues in the office or in meetings.

Dedicating a space for work

Keeping a dedicated office space if you can, can really help you to switch off when working from home. If you don’t have the luxury of an at home office space, make sure you pack your things away at the end of your working day to define the start and end of your working routine. That way you’re mentally telling your brain when to switch off from work and have a rest – it’s so easy to blur the lines when working from home.

You can still stay connected

Using technology to stay connected to colleagues, clients and suppliers is a great way to maintain relationships whilst working from home. Organise video calls to ensure you are keeping in touch with your team and clients. Use social chat spaces such as Slack to keep conversations happening. Why not set up a 15-minute video check-in with your team once a day, you could even set a daily challenge for the check-in. Try limiting yourself to communicating by email and text only as they can be very isolating.

Get up and shake it all about

Making time for movement is absolutely essential. You can quite easily be dragged into a routine of minimal movement when homeworking. So, if you can, go for a walk, or complete a home workout session on your lunch. Working at home makes it very easy to not move at all, and your brain power and positivity will suffer as a consequence.

Do what works for you

Making your homeworking experience right for you is all about what works for you and makes you most productive. Everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another. Try different routines and stick to one when you feel most positive.

Finally, stay safe, stay at home when you can, and we will come through this adversity together.