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Internal Training Academy Launches at Commhoist

When it comes to business it is all about walking the walk. Something we say regularly at Commhoist is that our people are extremely important to us. We want them to thrive, achieve and succeed. One of the ways we want to support our people is by giving them opportunities to upskill and climb the career ladder, and so the Commhoist Training Academy was born.

The Commhoist Training Academy offers first class internal training to Commhoist and Redtrail employees. As a first for the organisation, we are super excited to be able to offer training to the highest standards across various areas and skillsets. These internal training courses provide employees with the skills and confidence to go and take their regulated CPCS external qualifications.

The types of training offered at the academy include Slinger, Appointed Persons, MEWPS for Managers, and Crane Operator Training, with more courses being added soon. All employees at Commhoist will be given the opportunity to access training, whether they’re new to the business, want to progress to another role, or are currently working within an office role and want to enhance their knowledge in other areas.

The Training Academy is based at Commhoist’s new dedicated facility in Lowton in the Northwest of England. The facility houses an internal classroom, warehouse and external fleet yard where delegates can practice the skills they learn during each course.

The length of training depends on the course and can run from a 1-day workshop to a 10-day course. During the training, trainees will take part in practical tests alongside theory-based tests and will gain the skills needed to help them succeed in their CPCS accredited courses. Once our employees pass their CPCS qualification and gain their red card, we then provide support, practical experience and mentoring to help them pass their NVQ and obtain their blue card.

Head of Training Services, Steve Mooney, said: “It’s been an exciting time launching the training academy and an ambition of Commhoist’s for a couple of years now. I’m incredibly proud that this has become a reality, and we can further develop our team with the skills and knowledge needed to progress in their careers. So far, I’ve been immensely proud of those that have come through the training academy and the dedication and commitment they have shown. I am excited to watch our teams continuously develop and grow as the academy itself grows.”

So far, 33 employees have been on various courses at the Commhoist Training Academy, providing them with the skills and knowledge to better prepare them for their external examinations.

We are extremely proud of the Training Academy and the opportunities it offers our staff. We have big plans for the academy over the next few months, with the aim of opening the facility, trainers and courses to the external marketplace. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates from the Training Academy.

To find out more about the Training Academy, contact the team on 01942 269 335.