Welcoming Stuart Wood

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Today, we’re introducing you to a new member of the Commhoist Group team, Stuart Wood. Stuart joins the team as the groups new QUENSH (Quality, Environment, Safety and Health) Manager, who plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Commhoist Group is fully compliant with relevant legislation and industry best practice, and most importantly, that our employees are kept safe and healthy, and our environmental impact is minimised.      With a master’s degree in environmental science and a post-graduate diploma in Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety, Stuart is well-equipped to lead the Commhoist Group in maintaining the highest safety standards.

Let’s get to know Stuart, his background and interests outside of the workplace.

Stuart, welcome to the team it’s great to have you with us. Tell us what you believe you’ll bring to the QUENSH Manager role.

As the Commhoist Group QUENSH Manager, my primary responsibility is to ensure that the Commhoist Group remains fully compliant with relevant legislation and industry best practices. This includes overseeing quality, environmental, safety, and health aspects. I’m bringing a wealth of experience with me, having spent several years working for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

My background includes roles as a Regulatory Scientist and an Inspector, specializing in health and safety management and inspection across various sectors. I’ve also investigated serious incidents involving lifting operations.

I believe I bring a pragmatic approach to health and safety, understanding the seriousness of ensuring things go right. Having witnessed the consequences of when things go wrong, it’s so important to create a safe and healthy working environment for everyone. I believe in an inclusive approach to management, valuing input from all employees when it comes to health and safety. My aim is to foster a positive safety culture at Commhoist Group, where everyone feels empowered to contribute to our collective well-being.

Now we know a little about the professional side of Stuart, let’s dig a little into the personal side of Stuart. Who is Stuart and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I share my home with a playful black Labrador named Alfie, who brings joy and energy to everyday life. Originally from York, I have been living in the northwest for the past five years. In my spare time, I like to get out in the hills and enjoy hillwalking and hiking, having conquered all 214 of the Wainwright Peaks in the stunning Lake District. Music-wise, my tastes are pretty diverse, and I can appreciate a wide range of genres and bands. When it comes to surprising facts, one story I like to tell people about is from 2015. When I was between jobs, I packed up my motorbike with my camping gear and set off on a trip round the UK. In nine weeks, I covered 4500 miles from the Western Isles of Scotland, right down to the south coast of England. It’s easy to forget what an amazing place the UK is! I have even experienced the intensity of a gun battle between ‘Red Shirts’ protestors and the military during the 2010 Thai political protests and had to escape Bangkok by boat. These unique experiences have given me a broader perspective on life and what’s important.

We’re thrilled to have our new QUENSH Manager, Stuart join us at the Commhoist Group. With his expertise, dedication to safety, and passion for making a difference, we are confident that he will contribute significantly to the organisation. Together, let’s continue to prioritise the well-being of our employees and minimize our environmental impact. Welcome to the team Stuart!